Real Estate Management Services
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Providing commercial property owners with management services that maximize property income and value.

Although the practice of property management is complex, SMC's main goal is simple: retain and attract premium quality tenants. To achieve this, SMC takes a "hands-on" management approach that is distinguished by an experienced management team, extensive knowledge of real estate markets, and responsiveness to owners and tenants. 

SMC services nearly one million square feet of commercial and industrial property throughout Monroe County. These properties include multi-tenant industrial buildings, business parks,  single-tenant warehouse/distribution, multi unit apartments and retail space. Tenants range from "Fortune 500" corporations to successful small-scale firms.

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Practical experience, familiarity with real estate markets and technologically advanced management and research capabilities provide SMC with the knowledge to maximize the value of an owner's asset. 

SMC understands the demands of Monroe County's real estate market. With properties only in western New York, SMC's staff are able to make more informed decisions about marketing and leasing strategies. Close proximity to client properties also enables SMC to frequently inspect properties and quickly respond to tenant needs.

Responding to tenant needs is among SMC's highest priorities. The management team maintains positive relationships with tenants by meeting with them, reviewing their needs, and responding quickly and efficiently to their service requests. Following the completion of services, SMC contacts tenants to confirm their satisfaction. 

To help assure lease renewals, SMC negotiates directly with tenants and may begin negotiations up to one year in advance of lease expiration. Often, SMC's expertise in the market, together with the tenant relationships it has cultivated, eliminates the need for independent brokers and can save thousands of dollars in commissions. Both tenants and property owners benefit from SMC's ability to negotiate all aspects of a lease.

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